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Courses of Injection on plastic

Training on injection processes


  • 1.1 Plastic materials (Resins)

    General concepts. Classification of plastics. Structure:
    Amorphous vs. Crystalline. Changes in characteristics by variations of process.

  • 1.2 Injection Machines

    General concepts. Locking unit. Unit of injection.

  • 1.3 Injection Processes

    Description and analysis of process. Supervision and monitoring of processes. Statistical process control (SPC).

  • 1.4 Defects in pieces

    Description and analysis of the most common defects. Corrective actions.


  • 2.1 Theory:

    8 h. per group.

  • 2.2 Practice:

    From 4 to 8 h. depending on the availability of equipment. Recommended maximum 4 people per group.