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Product design

Product design

NEW PRODUCT Do you have an idea?

We face product design from the initial concept, through a complete and integral process:

  • Analysis of briefing.
  • Market studies.
  • Conceptualization and concepts sketching.
  • 3D modeling of formal proposals.
  • Structural calculation.

REDESIGN Do you have a product? We can improve it.

Redesign of existing products focusing on weight, strength, costs, productivity and aesthetic optimization.

  • Analysis of injection defects.
  • Functional and aesthetic restyling.
  • Optimization of thickness.
  • Functional prototyping.




Very useful for existing products or models. Great precision and time flexibility during the design phase.
3d Scanning

Development error detection

With attention to details we trying to prevent problems during the injection operating during the design phase of customers ( reducing negative things, over gauges, loss of cycle, expulsion problems, etc.) in order to manufacture a piece simple and good for injection. Development error detection

Aesthetic restyling

Focusing on the design, we try to improve pieces at a functional level, taking into account the following elements: weight, efficiency of injection, resistance and aesthetics, ideating for the product a clear element of distinction and a big competitive advantage. A much requested service by our customers each time they want to renew their catalogue of present products.
Aesthetic restyling


Structural calculation

An essential service in the development of products subject to mechanic efforts, compression, traction, flexion, shearing. It allows preventing possible problems in the future which not always are solvable once the mold is created.Structural calculation.


Simulation and analysis which we do before starting manufacturing molds and which warn about possible problems concerning injection, cooling or deformation after-mold. The result is always a mold with a good distribution of injection points, appropriate cooling and a major prevention of defects. Moldflow


Prototypes. Machining ABS scale 1:1

We offer prototyping service during the production of molds. It allows customers having important information concerning the functioning of their product/piece: proportions, aspects, usability, fitting relations among pieces. Everything in order to reduce to the maximum the percentage of surprises once the mold is manufactured. Prototypes. Machining ABS

3D stereo printing

An appropriate service to those less functional or aesthetic design proofs during which it is usual checking dimensions, proportions, fitting or changes in the geometry. 3D stereo printing